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Analysis Appliances & Probes

For more than 20 years, the Allentis teams have been developing analysis solutions by real-time decoding of the flows exchanged on the IS of large organizations.


The solutions developed by allentis and offered to our clients cover all the needs encountered in this field:

  • Flow matrices

  • Network analysis

  • Application Analysis

  • Cybersecurity threat detection

Qe allentis, network appliances for North-South traffic

The real-time Qe range appliances developed by allentis covers essential needs. It is available in several versions depending on the analysis software embedded in each appliance

  • Qe-Packets : massive packet capture for forensic purposes - 2 x 10 Gbps

  • Qe-Streams : network and application analysis of exchanges - 1 x 100 Gbps

  • Qe-Flows : quantitative analysis of exchanges based on Netflow or SFlow datagrams

  • Qe-Secure : analysis and detection of cybersecurity threats 1 x 10 Gbps

ExtraHop, application analysis appliances for East-West traffic in Datacenters

To analyze application flows on East-West issues in Datacenters, allentis partners with ExtraHop with their solution identified as the most innovative by Gartner for several years now

  • Explore Discovery Appliance (EDA), performance analysis of application exchanges

  • Reveal’x, analysis of attacks within datacenters

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