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allentis introduced ExtraHop in France 6 years ago. We chose this solution for the power of ExtraHop technologies for analyzing East-West flows in Datacenters. With an advanced decoding of application flows in multi-tier environments, of the performance status of databases, but also because it supports an unprecedented detection system for cyber-security attacks with Reveal(x), ExtraHop represents one of the most complete integrated solutions on the market.


For the NPMD, ExtraHop is a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

For complete traffic and application visibility

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Extrahop is the detection and categorization of each asset of your company including exchanges in the cloud of AWS or Azure. In real time on all traffic, the solution provides full detection and mapping of all exchanges.

ExtraHop helps network teams adapt to address issues related to hybrid SDN environments, prioritizing analysis and providing access to the packet associated with an incident in just a few clicks. By combining comprehensive network visibility withworkflowsof guided investigations that reduce troubleshooting times, the identification of real network incidents is fast to focus only on the subjects that bring added value to the company.

With complete application visibility,machine learningadvanced andworkflowssimplified response, ExtraHop reduces the time lost by users in the event of application degradation. Unlike agent-based solutions that only offer visibility limited to what can be instrumented, ExtraHop offers complete visibility into every transaction between applications and network users, to better target efforts in order to and offers an optimal customer experience.

For real-time detection

ExtraHop is amachine learningadvanced to help you stay focused on the most critical systems. It is linked to threat and anomaly detectors with real-time SSL/TLS decryption to identify attackers hidden in legitimate traffic. Identify threats up to 95% fasterboth in the cloud and locally.

ExtraHop offers complete visibility, real-time detection and intuitive investigation for the hybrid enterprise. The solution makes it possible to implement the expected security within the company and in the cloud.

ExtraHop's approach analyzes all network interactions in real time, including all cloud transactions as well as SSL/TLS encrypted traffic, and provides complete visibility inside the perimeter as well as the entire hybrid attack surface.

ExtraHop applies themachine learningadvanced to help you detect lateral threats, keep mission-critical applications running, and protect your cloud investments.

With enterprise-grade network traffic analysis, the solution provides complete visibility into the hybrid attack surface.

For guided investigation

ExtraHop is a complete incident root cause validation and analysis system with aworkflowsimplified in the analysis. On each event of the analysis both on performance criteria and on cybersecurity criteria, ExtraHop provides all the information allowing a detailed understanding of each transaction and facilitates approaches toreverse engineering  or remediation sometimes necessary in the event of malfunctions or the handling of security incidents.

The solution helps identify behaviors betraying late-stage attacks by giving the context and evidence needed to act immediately, with robust security integrations for fast and safe remediation.


Regardless of how your business interacts with the rest of the world and its networks, ExtraHop has a solution designed to help protect your assets where they evolve.

Learn more about the ExtraHop solution and its alternatives

To compare security-oriented solutions with the Reveal(x) offer, we remain at your disposal to detail our positioning in comparison withdark trace® et deVectra®notably.

Similarly, for the performance part, we can show you the difference in positioning compared to solutions such asnetscout®Orriver bed®For example. You will thus have an overview of the solutions on the market.

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