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Information System Event Hypervision and technical IT softwares

The allentis R&D teams have been working for more than 20 years to develop software for IT operators. Our expertise allows us to deliver solutions that are increasingly adapted to the specific needs encountered.


In this way, we develop the vTAP Tapics virtual TAP, the Qualevent real-time correlator hypervisor and the TSDA optical balance calculation software embedded on all Arista aggregation matrices.

VTAP Tapics

Our vTAP can be deployed on VMWare. It allows centralized management of all deployed VTAPs and works as a virtual aggregator.


It allows for the same replication and physical aggregation architecture, the implementation of a dedicated software architecture for monitoring flows within virtual production environments.

Hypervision by Qualevent

Qualevent can be deployed with the tools already in place on the major information systems without questioning the existing systems. It reconciliates the technical vision with the expectations of the metrological business vision.


The approach is progressive without a costly and complex operational "big-bang". It allows a transition from the technical vision in silos to the business vision.


Qualevent models the monitored services. From a technical vision in silos intended for technicians, the solution delivers a high-level business vision presenting the state and the availability of business services according to the correlation engine implemented.

TSDA, optical balance calculation

TSDA developed by allentis is embedded on the Arista NPB provided to our customers. This software calculates in real time the effective optical balance on the traffic replication architectures implemented in the datacenters.


An alerting system in case of power loss informs the network administrators.


TSDA guarantees the permanent control of the replication architectures to ensure that the inserted equipment does not impact the production.

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