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Article in Global Security Mag - October 2020 - allentis on the entire data analysis chain

PARIS, France - October 8, 2020 : At the 20th edition of the Cybersecurity Exhibition in Monaco, Allentis will present the latest version of its Qe-Secure threat detection probe, currently undergoing basic qualification by the ANSSI, as well as its entire range of solutions, such as TAP, its coupled analytics/detection approach. Eric Fries, President of Allentis, believes that the particularity of his offer is to be present on the entire data flow analysis chain.

Global Security Mag: What are you going to present at the Cybersecurity Exhibition in Monaco ?

Eric Fries: We will be presenting the latest version of our Qe-Secure threat detection probe, which is currently undergoing basic qualification by the ANSSI, as well as the complete detection chain that we provide : TAP traffic replication equipment, flow aggregators and probes.

We will also present our approach of coupling analytics / detection. One of the characteristics of our offer is indeed to bring, beyond detection, means of production of analytics indicators. Concerning analytics, we propose our Qe-Streams range, which focuses on North-South analysis, and Extrahop, which focuses on East-West expertise needs. We distribute Extrahop Reveal(x) which we introduced in France in 2015 and for which we are the specialist on the French market. It is the most powerful analytics solution on the market and offers the particularity of providing both cyber detection and performance measurement capabilities.

GS Mag: What will be the theme of your conference this year?

Eric Fries : We will talk about the increased complexity of the detection chain.

GS Mag : In the face of Covid, what commercial actions have you taken to help your customers?

Eric Fries: We have benefited from an increase in activity since the beginning of the Covid period. This is linked to a number of factors, some of which we don't understand, but in short: a sharp increase in traffic on certain datacenters with the spread of teleworking, undersizing of certain entry points, and an increase in cyber-attacks, particularly in certain economic sectors.

Such a demand implied an increase in our support resources. The customer support provided by ALLENTIS had already been known for several years as one of the most efficient in the market, and we have further improved this service since March 2020 by providing instant expertise to customers in crisis on their network infrastructure and applications.

GS Mag: How will your offering evolve for 2020/2021?

Eric Fries: What makes ALLENTIS special is that it is present throughout the entire data flow analysis chain, from capture to the concentration of flows and the production and restitution of events and analytical indicators. This has important impacts on the product life cycle.

Indeed, some customers choose, for reasons of simplicity, to equip themselves entirely with us. From then on, we manage the dependencies between all the components of the chain ourselves, with the need to be able to adapt to all the configurations of connectors and network speeds. These parameters are evolving; connectors, without really inventing anything new, are diversifying in terms of their use. And data rates are increasing with the development of 100G and 400G in data centers. We are anticipating these developments.

Another problem is our dependence on Asia for the supply of components used in the manufacture of some of our products. In 2020, we carried out a search for suppliers in France and Germany for critical components, and came to the conclusion that it was no longer possible to source them in Europe! There is a real loss of know-how in Europe in certain areas of electronics and micromechanics.

GS Mag: What will be your commercial strategy for this year?

Eric Fries : We are working in partnership with the major integrators in the market, some of whom have known us for a long time for performance analytics, and we are focusing on supplying the complete technical chain.

GS Mag: What is your message to CISOs?

Eric Fries: Good luck protecting your budgets! This is indeed, beyond the effectiveness of the means deployed, their main concern ...

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