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Optical TAP for traffic

Allentis develops optical TAPs under the Tapics trademark and provides a complete range of products to cover all needs, whether in single or multi-mode, 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G, in LC, SC, MTP or BiDi.

In standard versions for usual needs, Tapics has a more specific range to meet the expectations of Critical Infrastructures within the framework of the French Military Programming Law of 2005. This range is qualified by the ANSSI, which itself depends on the French Prime Minister's office.

Range with ANSSI qualification
- Main features

ANSSI Qualification

With Tapics, allentis offers a range of optical TAPs respecting the decree n° 2015-350 of March 27, 2015 on the qualification of security products for the needs of information systems security (application of article 22 of the french military programming law)

  • 3 optical models covering all needs within critical infrastructures

  • OWLight® technology

  • Up to 16 lines in 1U footprint

  • Compatible with the standard range of accessories

1 optical link - TAMOD range - OWL




Single mode


TAMOD chassis


Standard range - Main features

  • Passive systems with no impact on network availability

  • Copy all protocol levels for the feed of analysis systems

  • High density models for up to 24 lines in 1U footprint

  • Available ratios: 50/50, 70/30, 80/20 or 90/10

ModuloTap TAMOD modular range

Up to 24 links in the same chassis. Modules are available in all technologies.


LC Optical Module

module LC (1).png

BiDi Optical Module

module bidi copie.png

MTP Optical Module

module mtp (1).png

TAOP range with LC connectors

1 and 4 lines models rackable in a 1U rack (up to 3 TAP per rack).

8 lines model in 1/3U stackable format for a 24 lines density in a 1U footprint.

1 LC Optical link

4 LC Optical links

8 LC Optical links

taop1-10g (1).png
taop8-1g (1).png

TAOP range with MTP connectors

1 and 4 line models in 1U rack (up to 3 TAPs per rack)

8 lines model in 1/3U stackable format for a 24 lines density in a 1U footprint

1 MTP Optical link


4 MTP Optical links

8 MTP Optical links

taop140gbis (1).png
taop1-40g (1).png
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