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Security Visa delivered by the ANSSI to allentis

Paris - April 4, 2019: allentis, the French leader in application and network IP flow replication and analysis systems, announces that it has obtained the ANSSI Security Visa for the elementary qualification of five of its products.

The French National Agency for Information Systems Security published today a list of products qualified at the elementary level. These products comply with Decree No. 2015-350 of March 27, 2015 on the qualification of security products and trust service providers for information system security purposes, as part of the application of Article 22 of the Military Programming Law (LPM). The allentis products concerned by this basic qualification are traffic replication equipment from the TAPICS range developed by allentis. This equipment is necessary to respect the conditions of use of detection systems used by vital operators (OIV). The allentis equipments, subject of the elementary qualification by the ANSSI, have the function to communicate a copy of IP traffic to the security event detection systems, without disturbing the production traffic. Moreover, their design allows OIVs to protect their networks against attacks that could come from a part of the detection chain itself in case of malicious intent or compromise downstream of the capture points. The five qualified models cover the different flows rates and technologies used in both critical and non-critical data centers, on copper or optical fiber. They adapt to all traffic aggregation systems on the market, including those of allentis, and can also be connected directly to detection systems. allentis offers OIVs an assistance service for the design of their replication architectures. The equipment supplied is delivered securely and maintained in metropolitan France as well as in French overseas departments and territories.

About allentis

allentis is a French SME specialized in performance and security control systems for networked data flows. It has designed the QE flow analysis systems, the TAPICS traffic replication range, and is active in the following markets Security and Cybercrime: threat detection systems. Secure network infrastructures: traffic replication components and systems. Application performance: application performance analysis systems. Network diagnostics: network flow analysis systems. Services: performance and incident audits, user support, R&D studies. The company markets the following product lines. Security and Cybercrime: Qe-Secure and Extrahop Reveal(x) detection systems. Secure network infrastructures : TAPICS taps, vTAPICS virtual taps, dTAPICS network diodes, ARISTA traffic aggregators. Application performance: ExtraHop Performance application performance analysis and diagnostic systems, Qualevent business application monitoring system. Network diagnostics: Qe-Streams IP flow analysis systems, Qe-Flows netflow collection systems, Qe-Packets massive data capture systems, Qualevent infrastructure monitoring system. allentis is a privileged technological partner of large French and European companies and organizations for performance and threat monitoring of their network infrastructures and applications.

Contact us

allentis :

140 bis rue de Rennes

75006 Paris

Phone : +33 1 70 38 25 45

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